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नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरये, अमृत कलश हस्ताय। सर्वामय विनाशाय त्रैलोक्य नाथाय महा विष्णवेः स्वाहा।।

purity is rare, so we are here

Ayu (life) is the amalgamation of body, senses and mind. Ayurveda, the most sanctify science and art of life, is beneficial for humans in this world as well as the world beyond

Anahi Herbs believes in the purity of its finest natural, fresh & organic ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from organic sustainable and renewable plant-based origins. With the method of ancient Ayurveda regimes.  Anahi Herbs pioneered the use of incredibly efficacious principles, authentic Ayurveda recipes, and modern formulations. The brand revolutionized Ayurveda by addressing the question, “Why to prefer natural ingredients?”

By introducing luxury Ayurveda products With extraordinary purity and pleasurable fragrances and, above all, the highest quality and efficacy, the brand has created a new market segment that didn’t exist before. The Brand’s tagline, “Elegance Beyond Limitations”, captures this underlying philosophy perfectly.

What set's us apart

The body must be credited with an immense love of purity

100% ayurvedic

made in india

paraben free

cruelty free

100% Authentic

Ministry of Ayush

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let's discover the dosha's

Read about dosha's


Kapha is made up mainly of earth and water components. It is slow, steady, heavy, smooth, soft, fragile, thick, sturdy, gross, cloudy, and slow. Kapha adds structure and strength to everything; it provides the consistency needed to keep a particular shape. Kapha also moisturizes all cells and frameworks. Kapha is associated with water energy as well as love and compassion.


Vata can be translated as to blow or move like the wind. Vata, which is made up of the elements air and space and controls all movement in the body and mind, also contains the elements water and light. It controls blood flow and evacuation of wastes as well breathing and thoughts movement across the brain. Vata is cold, dry, light, mobile, changeable, and quick.


Pitta is one of the three doshas that have been known to control metabolism and the process of transformation in the body. Pitta is responsible for how we digest food and can distinguish right from wrong. In a nutshell, pitta dosha concerns itself with the digestion power or ‘agni’ and makes sure it does not go into overdrive causing discomfort and stomach-related ailments.

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