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Our story

Ayurveda is the Mysterious Box of Medical Science.
Ayurveda is all you need! Ayurveda only has the power to give you what you want for your skin, hair and over all body.

Co-Founder of Anahi Herbs founded Anahi Herbs in 2020 with the belief of serving people with the finest natural and pure Ayurveda ingredients to maintain their natural beauty and wellness in the form of Anahi Herbs Skincare products.

As we all know Southern part of India is mostly covered with enormous plants and trees where Ayurveda is used as mainstream medicine. The Co-Founder got their inspiration from the south to come into this field and serve people the best of nature.

The Product

Anahi Herbs all products is a combination of the Southern part of India and the Himalayas, Anahi Herb’s teamwork with Vaids, Ayurveda doctors, and modern bio Chemist to make a product that is unique.  especially the use of kumkumadi in all the products used so wisely. Anahi Herbs follow the CHARAK SAMHITA

CHARAK SAMHITA is believed to have arisen around 400 – 200 BCE it is felt to be one of the oldest and the most important ancient authoritative written on Ayurveda.

सत्त्वमात्मा शरीरं च त्रयमेतन्त्रिदण्डत् । लोकस्तिष्ठति संयोगात्तत्र सर्व प्रतिष्ठितम् ।। स पुमांश्चेतनं तच्च तच्चाधिकरणं स्मृतम् । वेदस्यास्य, तदर्थं हि वेदोअयं सम्प्रकाशितः ।।

Mind, soul and body are the Tripods of life. The world is sustained by their combination.

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